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A visiting card isn't just about your contact information. A visiting card is about selling your products and services, and is an integral part of any introduction. Try our printing services for your custom visiting cards today!

Every visiting card you give out needs to instantly give an impression and distinguish you from the competition. Standard visiting cards are proven and tested to convey professionalism while sticking to the classic look. Our premium cardstock options and protective coatings will definitely give your standard visiting cards the standout look it deserves.

Building Trust With a Visiting Card

A printed visiting card is tactile, allowing people to feel its texture and, by extension, the personality behind the card. A buyer is more likely to trust, shop with and eventually purchase from someone they find trustworthy, and a visiting card can help you win their confidence. Once you’ve earned their trust, your customers are more likely to purchase from you or recommend your business to someone they know.

As the first introduction to a potential customer, your visiting card should send the right message to your prospects. The logo, information and colors that you use are subliminal cues that evoke trustworthiness or lack thereof. It’s simple to communicate reliability with our premium visiting card printing that features your logo prominently displayed on the front or back.

Visiting Cards are Successful for Marketing, Educating and Gaining Awareness

Savvy visiting card owners will find ways to ensure clients keep their visiting cards. For example, they could include a discount or other incentive on the back of cards. You can check other visiting card printing examples below to get some ideas.

Dhaka Printing Press is a visiting card printing specialist and has worked with a number of companies in the past. All of our services are extremely affordable, yet we use only premium paper stock and ink, ensuring visiting cards make the biggest impact on recipients.

Visiting Card Printing Services

  • Standard visiting cards come in standard, slim and square size formats, all offered on one of our premium papers
  • Ultra visiting cards are the thickest, most luxurious card on the market — add an eye-catching pop of color to the edges of your piece with our unique inside core
  • Colored paper visiting cards are a bold way to make a colorful impression: available in gold, silver, red, tan, blue and black.
  • Folded visiting cards allow you to present more imagery and information on a standard visiting card size, folded in two different styles
  • Uncoated visiting cards are printed on writable matte paper, making them ideal for note cards, appointment cards or a clean, classic look
  • Die-cut visiting cards allow you to create almost any shape you like to really stand out, from circles to leaf-shaped cards
  • Offset visiting cards are ideal for longer runs printed in quantities over 500

Our standard visiting cards come in both standard 3.5” x 2” size, and slim and square formats, all available on numerous premium papers, including ultra-thick 16-point gloss, smooth 15-point velvet or elegant 100 lb. brilliant white or natural white linen. For extra appeal, try adding rounded corners to your card. If you need a visiting card with a matte writable surface, our uncoated visiting cards are a great choice. These make excellent appointment cards and have a clean, classic look.

If you are looking to really stand out, try our ultra cards — our thickest, most luxurious visiting card yet. Plus, you can add a pop of color to the edges of your ultra visiting cards by selecting a unique core color option. If you’re looking for a more colorful impression, try our colored paper visiting cards, which are available in rustic tan, pearlescent gold or silver, classic blue, bright red or rich black.

Need a special shape? Our die-cut visiting cards offer a selection of both stock shapes and custom options to meet any need.

It’s easy to design your visiting cards for online printing using our free visiting card layout templates. If you are looking for a completely unique card, call our custom printing team for all our options. No design? No problem. Browse through our hundreds of visiting card design templates.

To feel all our visiting card paper options, be sure to get your free sample kit.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can help. Simply submit a request on our Custom Printing page and our team will reach out to you.

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Your files will be reviewed for printing errors without paying any charge.